I'm Lena

and i cannot wait to meet you

I am a portrait and equine photographer, based in Edmonton, Alberta. I am in absolute LOVE with horses, golden hour, ice cream (made with real cream), and genuine people. The thing about photography that lights me on fire is the REAL things - real connection, real love, real bonds, real feelings. And to capture all those makes me smile REAL big inside (ok, and outside haha!). Yes, I'm basically always smiling, let's be honest.


I say 'anyways' too much and my favorite thing to do besides photography is a solid day hike with stunning views way back in the mountains.

I'm all about the emotions, the real life, the YOU.

a story in portraits

What are you waiting for?

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She is so professional and laid back.

I am so happy that Lena came to our barn and photographed my horse. It was a great day, she is so professional and laid back and the photographs are amazing. I am beyond happy. Thank you!

creating, capturing, and saving moments

My approach

You guys, I'm not just a girl with a camera that's trying to make some extra cash here and there. No. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of my clients gets my full attention. If you have hired me to capture a special time in your life, you better believe I'll be right here for every step of the process. I am here to ensure that you LOVE working with me, rave about your experience, drool over the memories you go home with, and become a friend as a result.

I strive to capture YOU. I don't use a cookie cutter approach for every client - because hey, turns out every client is completely different. I meet up with each of you before your session to ensure I have learned enough about you that I can create an experience that depicts YOU.

i'm ready for this

lena jenise

Lena Farrow is an adventurous elopement & equine photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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