the albums

Preserving your experience

Why you need an album...

- They're stunning

- They last for over 100 years

- They can be passed down through generations

- They don't rely on technology

- You can sit down with family and friends to flip through it

- You don't need to find your lost USB in your "everything" drawer to look at your images

When you get your hands on this

you won't be able to put it down.

Every album I have ever received for my clients, I have wanted to just keep for myself!  I genuinely am in LOVE with albums, and I want you to have one.


So guess what?!


ALL of my packages (equine, wedding/elopement, and family) INCLUDE an album. Additionally, you are always welcome and encouraged to upgrade your album to suit your needs and style! 

Some features of an album include:

- Thick, durable pages

- Custom front cover or binding font emboss

- Customizable cover materials (leather, linen, velvet)

- You set the number of spreads

- 3 free revisions after I pre-design the layout

                                                             and more!

To sum it up:

You book with me.

I have samples and materials for you to look at.

You automatically get an album in your package.

After the session or wedding, I pre-design an album for you with a variety of images.

You make the desired revisions and customizations.


You've preserved your memories in the best way possible!

Didn't have a session with me but need an album designed?

lena jenise

Lena Farrow is an adventurous elopement & equine photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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