a custom portrait experience

Adventurous Elopement, Equine and Lifestyle Photogapher   

          based in Edmonton, AB

You will RARELY see me more excited than when I'm out in nature, photographing a SUPER in-love couple in the heart of the mountains, or a girl with her majestic horse (yes, I will hug your horse AT LEAST 5 times). I've been accused of smiling too much and pointing out every sign or shop that says "ice cream" (true story). ​If you've landed here, I want to be your friend.


You've dropped $$$ on me? Rest assured that I will be here to craft and assist you with EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. of your experience. This is about you, after all.

Hey friends!

i'm lena

What are you here for?

the couples

the horses

the albums

ok this sounds fun!

lena jenise

Lena Farrow is an adventurous elopement & equine photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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