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Alberta Equine Photographer | Who doesn't want portraits with their horse?

Updated: Feb 6

How many times have you tried to take a selfie, tried to get your friends to take a photo of you with your horse, tried to use self timer? Guilty!! Haha. Photos with your horses are so much fun and create so many memories and laughs.

I always regret never booking a professional photographer to get portraits with my horse when I was younger. I don't want you to have the same regrets!

Here are a few great reasons why you SHOULD get professional portraits (and print them!) with your horse:

1. This sounds bad, but let's be real. Life doesn't last forever. Neither does your horse. So don't miss the opportunity! You'll want to have memories to look back on over the years when your horse is no longer with you.

2. Professional portraits have much higher quality than cell phone portraits.

3. Albums and wall art are such great coffee table/wall items. You don't have to dig out your USB to show people your photos. They can just look at them, flip through them. Its the best.

4. I mean, your horse is probably your best friend, and who doesn't get portraits with their best friend?

You guys - I LOVE HORSES. This is an understatement. I will definitely hug your horse multiple times during your session. I repeat. I LOVE HORSES. Haha! Ok, but seriously..

Here's what you can expect from a portrait experience with me:

1. A GREAT time.

2. Lots of laughs.

3. Me saying, "oh my goodness yes that's perfect look at the light yes you look so gorgeous..." ok you get the idea.

4. A 1-2 hour session, depending on the conditions.

5. Help with your horse - I grew up with horses and am extremely comfortable around them.

6. Too many images (haha).

7. Lots of communication - I want my clients to be 100% in the loop and know what's going on at all times throughout the process.

8. Outfit guidance - if you're not sure what to wear, I have lots of tips!

9. Help choosing your images/products to suit your home perfectly.

10. A friend (I hope!)

K that's all. Seriously dying to work with you all and meet all your horses and hug them. Ok bye!!



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Lena Farrow is an adventurous elopement & equine photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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