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What is an "Elopement" versus a Wedding? | Alberta Photographer

Updated: Feb 6

"Run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent." - Dictionary

Is that what the term 'elope' means to you?? Well my friend, I'm here to change your mind (hopefully). And let's be clear, there's nothing WRONG with eloping the traditional dictionary definition way, but in all honesty, the modern day elopement needs a new definition. So, I'm about to give you a lil insight into what an elopement looks like with me!

Before I begin, I'm not trying to convince you to elope. Traditional weddings are totally cool and awesome and amazing too, if that's your jam!

Ok, so I did a poll/quiz/questionnaire with a bunch of people and I had a lot of answers like

- run away and get married without anyone knowing

- secret marriage

- just the JP and witnesses and you

- get married with only people most important to you

You get the idea. While all of those things COULD be an elopement, here's the way I see it. I like what I heard about getting married with only the people who are MOST SPECIAL to you. After all, this day is about you. Isn't it only the most special people you want to have witness and share this most incredible, once in a lifetime day with you?

So when I think about an elopement, I think about a non-traditional wedding. A day that is focused on you, as the couple. Larger weddings, with 100 - 200 guests tend to be more stressful, have A LOT more going on, and the focus can get shifted to the guests and making sure they're all happy, rather than the focus being on the couple having their perfect day.

With an elopement, the guest count is much smaller (typically 30 at most). With less guests, just your closest friends and family, or even just 5 or 6 guests, you will be a lot more free to make your day unique to you, without stressing about making guests comfortable. There is more time for adventure, personalization (is that a word!?) and relaxation.

So to sum it up, my definition of an elopement is:

- the focus is on YOU, not the guests

- you have limited guests

- only your most special friends and family are there

- your day is unique

- your day is relaxed

- you're able to escape tradition and personalize

- there is lots of time for adventure

See you at your elopement! ;)


lena jenise

Lena Farrow is an adventurous elopement & equine photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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