• Lena Farrow

Kananaskis Elopement Photographer | Barrier Lake Elopement

These sessions were a true fulfillment of the fact that you can’t control the weather on your wedding or session day. They were also proof that regardless of the weather, you can basically always make it work no matter what!

The original plan was to do a hike, get some sweet views, and some sweet shots of these 2 couples from the mountain top, with the wide sprawling mountain ranges in the background. As I approached the outskirts of Calgary, I knew for a fact that no mountain tops were going to be seen. As I got closer to Canmore and turned off onto a secondary hwy, it was almost a complete whiteout and the pavement was very icy (so icy I almost slid right past my turn into Barrier Lake!).

When I arrived at the parking lot by the lake, there were a few vehicles, and some people getting out their snowshoes. Thankfully I had dressed for the weather, had my hiking boots and gators, and LOTS of hand warmers.

At this point, I was thinking, not a chance we’re going to be doing a hike. Not that I’ve never hiked in a whiteout before (I have, at Ha Ling peak in Canmore a few years ago), but there was literally going to be no view, so it seemed almost pointless. So instead, when my couples arrived, we stayed at the bottom and got some sweet shots nonetheless!

And can we talk about that smoke bomb!? Literally perfection, and with the white background, SO GOOD.

I kinda love the minimalistic look that came as a result of the whiteout!


lena jenise

Lena Farrow is an adventurous elopement & equine photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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