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Updated: Feb 6

Where do I even begin with this couple? I first met Pier almost 3 years ago, and wow, is he a whole different lad now than he was back then - in a GOOD way. A really good way. He's all the way from Quebec, really likes to talk, and is always making people laugh ;) There has never been a dull moment around him.

I met Jelayne just over a year ago, when she first came up to Edmonton to visit Pier. It wasn't long after that and she was moving up here. Not long after, they were engaged, and now have been married for just a month or 2. They are literally perfect for each other. I absolutely LOVE being around them and witnessing their love. I know people always say that, but you guys, it's true. I don't know anyone who doesn't love these two.

So I had gone for a walk the other day at Terwillegar Park in Edmonton. It had just snowed, and the branches were swelling with the beautiful white gorgeousness. I was literally DYING to take photos of SOMEONE there. So I posted all about it on my Instagram story, begging for someone to let me photograph them. And I got a few responses!

Here's the issue - in Edmonton, in the winter, the sun sets before 4:30pm. Most people don't get off work until after that. However, since Pier and Jelayne are SO dedicated, they managed to leave work early, and get there just in time for us to have about 15 minutes of golden hour before the sun set. (Oh, and Jelayne had Pier wear a burgundy shirt because she knows its my favorite colour - like HELLO, WOW, such dedication). The photos on my camera looked dark, blue and dull. But hey, beauties of professional gear technology these days, here are the results.

PS - find yourself some friends like Pier and Jelayne.


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Lena Farrow is an adventurous elopement & equine photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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